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Louden Wainwright III “I Had A Dream”

Louden Wainwright III I Had A Dream

“Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road” or live skunk sitting in its own pew?…Ewwwww!

Louden Wainwright III (Dad of Rufus Wainwright) made a lot of smiles and a lot of fans with his 1973 Billboad Top 20  hit “Dead Skunk.”

40+ years later, the thoughtful and funny generation-jumping folkie/activist is back with a timely little ditty called “I Had A Dream.”

In this case the skunk is 2016 Republican Presidential Nominee Donald J. Trump.

Louden Wainwright III “I Had A Dream”
(Words and Music by Louden Wainwrighnt III)

You can see the “If I Had A Dream” Youtube video here.

I had a dream I don’t know what it meant
But I dreamed Donald Trump was our President
There on election night right by his side
His flunky Chris Christie along for the ride

But it gets worse just wait there’s more
He made Jeff Sessions Secretary of War
And just like he promised he built him that wall
He blew up Cuba and it carpet bombed Montreal

I had a dream I woke up in a cold sweat
The Donald was elected in a huge upset
He made a bad deal with Putin
A secret pact with Assad
He told the Pope where to go I swear to God

As for the Supreme Court he got to choose
He filled the vacancy up with “lyin’” Ted Cruz

His face was bright orange his hair was just weird
But we were made great again, embarrassed and feared

Yeah I had a dream and here’s how it went
A dream that the Trumpster was the President
His little finger on the button he was doing his thing
Our new national anthem was “My Ding a Ling”

We were bought and sold like in Monopoly
He had the most hotels in the land of the free

Locked up the opposition and the demonstrators too
That would be me and it might be you

I had a dream I’m not sure what I meant
When I dreamed Donald Trump was our President
And I wasn’t even close, he won it in a landslide
Our new hot first lady she was beaming with pride

If you think that’s cool don’t fool yourself
He made Ben Carson Secretary of Health
And Sarah Palin Secretary of Stealth
And if you think that’s scary well just you wait
He made Newt Gingrich the Secretary of State
And Rush Limbaugh the Secretary of Hate

Dreams comes true and there is prophecy
And sometimes the nightmare is a reality

From the author: “I’m Louden Wainwright and I approve this message.”

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